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How far along: 17 weeks.

Size of baby: Onion (3.5 ounces).

Must have items: 

  • Comfortable pajama shorts. I HATE waking up too hot, so I sleep in shorts instead of pants. The waistband has to be really loose because I like to wear them really low on my hips. I got a few cute pair from Victoria’s Secret PINK.
  • THIS DRESS! I bought it a few days ago and never want to take it off. I will be styling it in outfit post soon!
  • Palmers Tummy Butter. I have been using this since the beginning of my second trimester in hopes of no stretch marks!

Sleep: Still sleeping great. I was out of town this weekend, and it took a little getting used to sleeping in a hotel bed, but I just had to use more pillows around me.

Cravings: Food (everything I liked pre-pregnancy–nothing new!) and sleep.

Baby movement: Still can’t feel a thing!

Gender Prediction: Back and forth, back and forth! But, I find out in 6 days…Kind of freaking out a little bit!

Challenges this week: Going shopping while on vacation and realizing that it’s just not as fun when you’re pregnant! Regular clothes barely fit me, so I try on a size larger to see if there’s room for my growing bump, and the larger size just doesn’t fit right! I’ve found a few good non-maternity items while pregnant like THIS DRESS, but I’m gonna have to avoid shopping at non-maternity stores as much as possible! It will be hard since shopping is my favorite activity (duh) but at least my husband will be happy that I’m doing it less!

Best moment this week: Playing tennis at Nationals in Palm Springs! My team made it to Nationals this year and we had the best time shopping, eating, relaxing at the pool, and playing tennis of course! I am doing a whole post about playing tennis while pregnant and my experience at Nationals, so stay tuned! 🙂



  • jenny says:

    WOW first off congratulations on your news. How very exciting. And welcome to Share With Me. Hope you like my blog hop. I love the photo you look absolutely amazing at 17 weeks. Go you! Love getting to read the pregnancy updates. It makes me so broody though. Shh don’t tell the hubby we have a 1 yr and 3 yr he isn’t in the mood for more at the moment. hahaha I would love another and reading great post like this make me want it more. Thank you ever so much for linking up to Share With Me. I hope to see you again soon. #sharewithme

  • I found it so hard being on holiday and not being able to shop, but I managed to find a maternity store to treat myself to a few bits! Can’t wait to hear if you are growing a little girl or guy!

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