8 Baby Cold Remedies

It is heartbreaking for a momma to watch her baby be sick and feel completely helpless.  With these 8 baby cold remedies you can ease baby’s pain and get through the cold quicker!

  1. Humidifier – I have and love this one, but there are a lot of options out there to choose from.  Leaving a humidifier on in baby’s room helps ease cold symptoms and can help your little one get better rest.
  2. Warm Bath with Vapor Soap – My little ones have all loved the comfort of their nightly bubble bath.  During a cold, make sure to use this baby vapor soap to clear sinuses and relax baby’s muscles.  Make sure to follow with the vapor rub mentioned below.
  3. Baby Vapor Rub – I use a little bit of this rub on a sick baby’s chest after a warm vapor bath.  Make sure you use the “baby” vapor rub because the adult strength can be too strong for your little’s sensitive skin.
  4. Saline Drops – I had been using this nasal spray which works well, but recently my kids’ pediatrician gave me a little nose dropper and a recipe to mix my own saline drops.  I have liked this method even better.  Ask your pediatrician about it!
  5. NoseFrida – You do not want to use a bulb nose cleaner or the NoseFrida very often during a cold because it can aggravate the sinuses even more.  Only use a nose cleaner when your child is having trouble breathing through the nose.  The saline drops should be used more frequently during congestion because they loosen the mucus without agitation.
  6. Probiotic Drops – Along with a cold, infants often also get a sick stomach.  My doctor recommended the Biogaia Probiotic Drops when I mentioned my baby was having green runny stools following a cold.  After almost 3 weeks of a sick tummy, these drops had my baby back to normal within 3 days!  I am keeping her on the Biogaia drops daily now because a healthy gut promotes a healthy body overall.
  7. Infant Pain Reliever/Fever Reducer  – Acetaminophen (Tylenol) is recommended for infants less than 6 months and can be giving every 4-6 hours.  Please double check the dosage with your pediatrician!  Recently Tylenol made a switch so infant and children’s dosages are more consistent.  Because of this, you also need to double check the bottle for mg per ml.
  8. HUSH Hat – I love HUSH Hat (as mentioned here) because it blocks out harsh noises that prevent infants from getting the rest they need.  When I have a sick baby, we don’t leave the house.  This leads to my toddlers being extra rambunctious and often waking the baby.  The HUSH Hat helps my sick baby get all the rest her body needs to heal.

***BONUS TIP – Cuddles, cuddles, cuddles!  Forget the dishes and the laundry.  Cuddle and love that baby until she feels better!

Have you used any of these remedies?  What is your favorite thing to do to comfort your sick baby?

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