It’s hard to believe my little Scarlett is already 2 months old.  She has been an angel baby and we are loving this sweet newborn stage with her.  Scarlett gives us big cheesy smiles and is a champ at holding her head up.  Life is chaos right now, but I wouldn’t trade the crumby floors and ever-growing laundry piles for anything.  To let you in on just what kind of crazy we are living right now,  I will share a story from my afternoon.  While nursing baby Scarlett and trying to get her down for a nap I heard some sweet giggles from my 3 and 4 year old girls.  I thought to myself, “How wonderful that they are getting along so well while I take a moment to breath and rock the baby!”  Boy, am I naive!  My girls had gotten into the fridge, pulled out the whipped cream and proceeded to cover each other (faces, hair, clothes…) and the kitchen in it.  According to Elle, “Mom was SUPER mad!”  One day I’ll laugh at this, right?

Now, back to the birth announcements. When it was time to get Scarlett’s announcements out I just couldn’t decide between two designs that I loved. So I just had some made of each design.  The first one is a postcard, which was very convenient because I just wrote the address and slapped on a postcard stamp.  This saved on time and money.  The second design was more elegant, but simple.  And can anyone else believe that the price of a stamp is 49 cents?! But since I love sending and receiving good old fashioned mail, I grin and bear it.

Did you send out a birth announcement for your baby?  Would you go for a postcard or a more formal design?

Scarlett Birth Announcement

Birth Announcement Scarlett

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