Hi and Happy Halloween! This is my first Halloween as a mom and I have loved dressing up my babe! We went with a baby lion Halloween costume for him this year because what is cuter than a baby dressed up as a fluffy animal? It is so hard to choose between all of the cute baby costumes out there (check out my cute baby Halloween costume ideas post HERE), plus the endless DIY options, but this costume turned out to be so cute on him. He wouldn’t wear his mane at one of our Halloween parties, but I still think it’s the perfect costume for a 7 month old. I love the cute paw detail on the feet and the mane is great because it’s not like other lion costumes I have seen where it can easily fall into a babies face. The ears tend to flop down so I would recommend taping or gluing them down. I got this costume HERE on Amazon for $11!

I’m already thinking about next Halloween and what I want to dress him up as. I’d like to do a family theme, but I know those are a lot of work so I will have to start prepping early!

What are you dressing your kids up as this year?
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