Planning a baby shower is fun, but planning a baby shower for your sister is even more fun!  On Saturday Ashley was spoiled by family and friends with a darling shower.  Here are a few things I learned along the way that may help you next time you to plan a shower.

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Recruit family and friends to help!   A few of Ashley’s friends even volunteered so I didn’t even have to pester anyone to help.  When each person only has one or two jobs it’s not overwhelming for any one person.  We had one in charge of decorations, one in charge of invitations, one in charge of favors, etc…

Hire out the food.  This was a lifesaver at Ashley’s baby shower.  It was difficult enough to manage and remember all the little things that it was such a relief not to have to worry about food preparation, cooking (NOT my strongpoint and my husband will vouch for that), transferring food to the location, serving pots and utensils, and clean up!

Less is more.  We kept the activities to a minimum. First we enjoyed dinner followed by a short game.  Because we wanted to use the time we had to mingle and talk about all of Ashley’s baby excitement, we decided to do just one game.  There is no need to plan and cram 5 games into a two hour shower. After the game, we had each attendee share a piece of baby advice.  Then we all watched as Ashley opened her gifts.  It was a really simple shower as far as activities go, but was a perfect balance of mingling and structure.

Have everyone share their “mommy tips”.  This little activity was sweet, informative and hilarious.  Some of my favorite pieces of advice were from young women who are not moms themselves.  They come up with some of the best ideas. Ash heard some wonderful ideas and a few funny ones  like, “Make sure to extend his curfew if he is a good kid” shared by a young woman who does not have children.  We’ll log that bit of information away for a good 15 years 😉

Keep a running to-do list.  Most of us are busy and I’m the first to admit that things easily slip my mind.  In order to avoid a disaster, like forgetting to call the caterer three days before to confirm or showing up at the shower without the favors, keep a to-do list in a visible area where you can check back often and write things down when they come to your mind.

Most of all, don’t stress!  Enjoy your opportunity to spoil the mommy-to-be.

Stay tuned for our upcoming post on the best baby shower gifts ever!

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