We have all heard the mommy wars about breastfeeding vs. formula feeding.  This can be a heated topic among parents, but I am under the opinion that “fed is best”!  However you get that little one his nutrients is up to you as the parent…and often up to mechanics as well.  I chose to nurse my babies although I wasn’t against formula. My first two children took better to the breast, but my third baby, once introduced to formula, loved it. And guess what, I loved it too!  Why?

  1. It gave me freedom to sleep through the night AND be gone for more than 3 hours at a time.
  2. It gave me relief to not worry about pumping multiple times a day (read about how often I pumped with #1, here…spoiler alert: it was A LOT).
  3. It was nice to know exactly how much my baby was eating when she drank from a bottle. Although, let’s face it, her yummy thighs let me know that she was getting plenty!
  4. It created special bonding moments when others could feed the baby. My husband and my other children LOVED feeding little Scar her bottle.  It was so sweet to see them rock her to sleep as she ate. put together a great list of the best baby formula options.  It goes into depth about which baby formula is closest to natural human breast milk while suggesting great options for different needs (including budget).  I personally used the Kirkland Baby Formula because, let’s face it, I’m at Costco multiple times a week!

Check out their research here and see what formula earned the #1 spot!

Close-up of Enfamil Enspire Baby Formula


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