Have you ever been invited to a baby shower with no ideas for a gift?!  No need to worry, we’ve got you covered.  Here we’ve compiled a list of the best baby gifts.  Show up with one of these gifts in hand and the mommy-to-be is sure to love you forever (unless of course you tick her off while she’s hormonal)!  So pick one or two of the following items, click the link to purchase, and the only thing you have to worry about is wrapping the gift and showing up to the shower on time.

1. Aden +Anais swaddle blankets. These light, breathable blankets originated in Austrailia and can be used as a swaddle, nursing cover, car seat cover, car sun blocker, spill wiper, changing pad, and much more.   My “baby” is two now and we still wash all 10 of ours every week.  Make sure you snag a 2 or 4 pack, but be aware, these must be purchased through Nordstrom or a high end boutique because the ones sold at Target are smaller, thinner, and just not as soft.

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2. Swaddle Designs ultimate swaddle blanket. If you read my Happiest Baby On The Block post, then you know that Swaddle Designs blankets are the absolute best for a nice tight burrito baby swaddle.  And, they even have the swaddle instructions sewn into the blanket for the newbies.  Hey, why not throw in a DVD copy of The Happiest Baby On The Block just prep those new parents for the endless days of baby soothing ahead.

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3. Sophie la Girafe. This teether/toy is incredible.  I have been asked multiple times if it really lives up to all the hype.  The answer is YES!  I can attest because I didn’t have one with my first baby, but brightened up with my second and was glad that I did.  It’s a great first toy as baby is starting to grab at things and is exciting because it softly squeaks easily to the touch.  Then, as baby begins drawing everything to his/her mouth, it is soft and soothing, plus easily wiped clean.  Definitely a winner.

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4. Trumpette Socks. These are the only socks that I have found that will actually stay on a little baby’s kicking feet.  For that reason alone, they are the best, but add in the fact that they come in absolutely adorable shoe-like designs and you’ve hit the jackpot.  Click through below for my favorite designs.

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5. Baby wearing wrap/carrier. Having a baby carrier is so useful not just for hikes and big outings, but also for around the house when you’re trying to get a bit of cleaning or work done and baby isn’t cooperating.  Here are a few amazing wraps/carriers that the new momma is sure to be excited about.

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6. Bedtime bundle. Order this cableknit keepsake blanket, this luxe soft stuffy, and my favorite bedtime story (see my Best Baby Books post) and you have the perfect bedtime bundle gift basket.

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7. Dr. Brown’s bottles. This set will be perfect for getting the new momma ready for baby.  It’s nice to have one set of the same kind of bottles so your cupboard isn’t filled with mismatched bottles, lids and nipples.  The Dr. Brown’s bottles are the best and safest bottles for both breastfeeding and formula feeding moms!

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8. Mommy recovery kit. Post delivery, mom will need everything from cooling pads to nursing pads.   Add in some yummy (post pardum friendly) lotion so mommy-to-be isn’t totally scared off by all the recovery items. Because this gift is a little more personal reserve it for your closer friends.

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9. Bathtime bundle. Throw a hooded towel (a must have), some bath time squirties, and these dunk cups into a basket and you have the perfect bath time bundle.  Add in some Baby Magic lotion (my absolute favorite) and you will be new mom’s favorite!

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10. Diapers and wipes. You can go fancy and make these into a darling elaborate diaper cake, or just tie a big ribbon around a huge package of diapers and wipes from a warehouse store.  My favorite brands of diapers are Pampers for size newborns-1 and Huggies from size 2 up.  My very favorite wipes are Costco brand wipes.  They are big, natural, and glide the easiest out of all 6 brands of wipes I’ve tried.

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And just because I had a hard time narrowing my list down, here are a few honorable mentions. [show_boutique_widget id=”232912″]

Your next baby shower gift is sure to impress all the other guests, but most of all will be well loved and used by mommy and baby.

What is YOUR go-to baby shower gift?



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