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We are so excited to celebrate National Learn to Swim Day with SwimWays this year!  SwimWays has dedicated the third Saturday in May to informing parents of the importance of learning to swim for safety. The 7th annual National Learn to Swim Day will be held on May 20, 2017. Because I grew up around swimming pools, my parents always had us in swimming lessons.  Before we were able to swim, my mom would use those plastic blow up arm floaties we called “swimmies”.  Well, SwimWays came in and made “swimmies” safer and more transitional as children learn to swim.  My favorite product for my baby from SwimWays, and the best baby swim float is the Baby Spring Float!  Here is what I love about SwimWays and the Baby Spring Float with Sun Canopy plus a few photos of us enjoying our pool days.

  • SwimWays Baby Spring Float is just the first of 3 suggested steps for learning to swim.  Introducing your child to the water with this baby swim float is perfect before easing into step #2, floating and learning to paddle.  Check out more on the “3 Learning to Swim” steps here.
  • The canopy on the Baby Spring Float Sun Canopy is definitely my favorite feature!  My baby, like most, doesn’t keep her sunglasses or hat on.  The canopy is a must for sunny swim days.  It is removable, adjustable and has UPF 50+.
  • I love the easy convenience of the SwimWays Baby Spring Float.  The float includes a mesh carry bag for transporting.  I had a bit of trouble folding the float back up to fit in the bag after the swim, but there is a super helpful video on this page.
  • It is sturdy and very durable!  The float’s circumference, soft mesh seat, dual fabric-covered air chambers and safety valves enhance the float’s safety.  Is so important to keep safety in mind when dealing with kids and water!
  • I love the extra mesh space around the Baby Spring Float so baby can play with toys while she floats.
  • Customers can purchase the SwimWays Baby Spring Float online here or at Target here.

The Baby Spring Float is for use with babies 9-24 months.  My niece tried the float, and although she falls in that age-range, she is a cute tiny thing…about the size of a 3-month old.  She was too small for the float and was leaning forward too much in it.  So please be aware of all of the SwimWays safety warnings.

Also to prep for summer, check out the great information on the Teach Me to Swim site.  I especially love the 12 ideas for celebrating National Learn to Swim Day!  I cannot impress upon everyone the importance of water safety and teaching children to swim.  Enjoy your summers at the pool, beach or lake!!

Here was one of our first swim days of the season:

SwimWays Baby Float Pink   SwimWays

Even the big girls wanted to give the SwimWays Baby Spring Float a try while in the shallow kiddie pool!

SwimWays Baby Float PinkBlue

Best Baby Swim Float

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