The Best Hospital Bag List Ever

I looked up so many hospital bag lists online that I packed enough stuff for a weekend getaway to the Bahamas when I birthed Elle (and let me tell you, as amazing as giving birth is, it’s no tropical getaway)!

Bag on Beach Luxury Spot

All of that stuff was completely unnecessary and it was a total pain to drag all 5 bags from check in to delivery to recovery and then back home.  Here is the list of everything you will actually need in your hospital delivery bag.


#1, and possibly the most important thing you will bring with you to the hospital – CAMERA and birth story photographer.  This camera is great because you can give people instant prints of them with the baby when they come to visit!  And check out Heather Nan for birth stories.  She is incredible.  One of my biggest regrets of my girls’ births was not having a photographer.  More on why later, but for now, just trust me.

#2 – Flip flops: These are super comfy and on sale! Slip-on shoes are a must because it’s highly unlikely that you will be able to bend over to put your shoes on and you’re going to need something to protect you from foot fungus in the hospital showers.

#3 – Minimal toiletries: You’ll want a mini bottle of your favorite shampoo, conditioner and body wash.  Sometimes this is provided, but I’m not taking any chances.  You’ll also need your toothbrush/toothpaste, face wash, face crème, body lotion (this is my absolute favorite and it’s made for babies so no need to pack two lotions), deodorant, hair brush and hair tie, lip balm and whatever make-up you are willing to put on.  I definitely wanted my mascara, bronzer, cover up and lip gloss.  There will be a LOT of photos at the hospital and I, for one, did not want to look like a zombie in all of those pictures.

#4 – Belly Bandit: This item is very important if you want to get your pre-pregnancy figure back asap.  It also holds in your floppy stomach that feels like it’s going to fall out of your belly button.  And it feels great on your back.  There are so many perks to using this brilliant item!  Be sure to put it on immediately after you’ve given birth (okay, so you can hold your new bundle of joy for a few minutes before you put it on, but the sooner the better).  I have tried the original and the BFF styles and I definitely prefer the BFF because it has two adjustable straps.

#4 – Super comfortable pants and nursing accessible blouse to go home in.  This set is darling and functional!

#5 – Sleep bra/comfy lounge bra that is nursing accessible.  Your boobs need to be accessible but supported.  Because of that, I love this one.

#6 – Cell phone and charger.  Don’t forget the charger.  You will be sending and receiving many texts and phone calls over the course of your stay.

#7 – Folder:  You will need this to store important documents that you will receive at the hospital. You may want to put your husband in charge of this folder and the priceless documents that will go inside…unless you disagree on the name, at which point you should fill out the birth certificate form and not let this folder out of your sight!

#8 – Diaper bag:  The only thing that you will need in your diaper bag is a “take-home” outfit and a baby blanket.  There is no need to bring anything else because the hospital provides everything the baby needs.  Don’t forget to take home everything that the hospital provides. Diapers, wipes, disposable changing pads, wash bins, squirt bottle, numbing spray, water mug, etc… Take it all!  It’s not stealing.  They tell you to take it.  Plus you’re paying a million dollars to stay there 2 nights, so it’s the least they can do.  There are many amazing diaper bags available, but here is one of my favorites.

#9 – Make sure you leave some extra room in your bag for the things you will take home from the hospital.

I suggest packing your bag a few weeks early, because if you’re anything like me, last minute packing leads to over-packing!  And while we’re here, here are two of my FAVORITE bags that would make great hospital bags.

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Stay tuned for the list of items you will definitely NOT need in your hospital bag!  I made the mistakes for you so that you don’t have to.


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The Best Hospital Bag List Ever

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