When I had my first child, I swore I would never need a toddler harness backpack…now that I have 3 kiddos, I can’t live without it!  So, if I am going to use one, it may as well be cute.  Gabby Box makes the BEST toddler harness backpacks that happen to be trendy and adorable.  I love the front clip so your little one can’t slip it off.  It also has a comfortable stretchy wrist strap for mom/dad to wear.  And the great news is that once that little one grows a up a bit and you no longer need the harness, you can remove it for a super stylish backpack!  I have gotten so many compliments on this cute bag and my big kids even like wearing it (even though they don’t need it).  I am excited to use this backpack when we take our trip to Disneyland soon!  I think it will come in very handy in those big crowds.

Gabby Box also carries the most adorable mommy bags and organizer inserts.  A good bag is a must as a mom and one of my favorite things about Gabby Box’s mommy bags are their multiple pockets!  I have been using the organizer insert to hold all of my baby stuff and then I can easily remove it and just have a super cute purse when I go out with my hubby or friends.  Not having to switch bags has been a time and space saver for me.  I love all of Gabby Box’s styles, but their newest bag, The Triangle, is my favorite and comes in so many great colors.  I have the darling Lucid in brown and love the versatility of it!  It has the cutest gold hook to close it so my stuff doesn’t spill out.

Head on over to Gabby Box and see all their fun products including baby bags, baby sunglasses, mommy sunglasses and mommy bags!  What’s your favorite?!

Scani Papi Child Backpack with Safety Harness

Scandi Papi Backpack with Harness

Gabby Box Lucid Bag

Gabby Box Lucid Purse Clasp



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