Breastfeeding Chronicles Volume 1


Breast vs formula is a never ending debate.  I will never say that formula is bad or the wrong way, I simply chose to breastfeed and it worked for me.  So here I begin the chronicles of breastfeeding which include my best breastfeeding tips to help aid those who also choose to attempt it.  This first volume will focus on how to prepare for breastfeeding.

Once you decide that you want to try breastfeeding your baby, you will want to have a few supplies gathered.

First you will need a comfortable rocker/recliner/glider.  This should be something you can comfortably fall asleep in because, believe me, you WILL be falling asleep in it.  Here are a few amazing chairs to try. [show_lookbook_widget id=”198325″]


You will also need a very comfortable nursing bra.  You should have at least two sleep bras and three day bras.  I LOVE this night bra.  I have yet to find the perfect day nursing bra, but here are a few great ones to try. [show_lookbook_widget id=”198330″]


Next you will want a great nursing pillow.  I’ve tried a few and love the popular Boppy pillow.  It saved my life…and my elbows from tendonitis![show_lookbook_widget id=”198335″]


A great breast pump is a must if you are planning to breastfeed.  This will help keep your milk supply high and give you a reserve for going out without the baby.  I suggest splurging in this department if breastfeeding is very important to you.  Most insurance companies now pay for all or a portion of a breast pump, so definitely look into that!  I suggest either renting a hospital grade pump (I used one for a year with my first and it was amazing) or getting a very high-end pump, like these: [show_lookbook_widget id=”198350″]


And last of all make sure you have on hand some nipple soothing cream, cooling packs and nursing pads.  I personally like these products: [show_lookbook_widget id=”198340″]


Hope this helps you get better prepared for nursing your little one!  Stay tuned for Volumes 2 and 3 of The Breastfeeding Chronicles.

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