Breastfeeding Chronicles Volume 3

Breast vs formula is a never ending debate.  I will never say that formula is bad or the wrong way, I simply chose to breastfeed and it worked for me.  So here is Volume 3 of The Breastfeeding Chronicles which include my best breastfeeding tips to help aid those who also choose to attempt it.  In this volume I will be giving you my best tips to continue nursing at home and enduring through the first year.  Remember to get all the supplies I suggested in Volume 1 in order to be prepared for breastfeeding, and review my suggestions for nursing in the hospital in Volume 2.

Now that you have that sweet bundle of joy at home, new hurdles and experiences lay in store!  A few tips that really helped me in my nursing experience are:

  • Pump after or in between each feeding.  Although you will curse me when following through with this advice (especially in the middle of the night), you will thank me later!
  • Take Fenugreek supplements (3 tablets, 3 times a day).  This supplement is available at almost any nutrition store and has been proven to increase milk supply.  I used this with both my kids whenever I felt my milk supply dropping.
  • Do not supplement with formula from a bottle for the first three to four weeks. Many healthcare providers suggest supplementing with formula during the first few weeks to get baby back up to birth weight, but baby may love the ease of the bottle so much that he/she won’t want to work for the breast.  It is normal for the baby to loose water/fluid weight.  Don’t panic! Within a couple weeks baby should be back up to birthweight.
  • Similac Feeding Expert Hotline #800-986-8800.  Athough I’ve heard mixed reviews on experiences with this free service, I called frequently day and night. One nurse even helped me realize that my baby had thrush which was easily taken care of once diagnosed.   They never suggested I supplement with formula, but always tried to answer my breastfeeding questions and concerns.
  • Le Leche League International website, specifically the forums page found here.  Get insight from other nursing mothers and lactation consultants.
  • If your baby is not latching or still having trouble nursing, go to a local breastfeeding class or contact a lactation consultant.

I hope these breastfeeding tips shared in the Breastfeeding Chronicles have been helpful and aid in a successful breastfeeding experience.  Do you have any helpful tips or tricks?  Please share in the comments below!

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