I remember one of the very first walks I took my son on after he was born…it was about noon on a warm day in April. I had my son covered so he wouldn’t get sun on him, and he was sound asleep. Then out of nowhere he starts crying uncontrollably, so I open the cover and try and calm him down, but he keeps crying and I can’t figure out why. Then Melissa suggested that I take him out of his car seat because he might be hot, so I took him out and sure enough he was drenched in sweat. I felt so horrible that he had gotten so sweaty in his car seat so I immediately came home and googled “car seat fan”. I ordered THIS ONE and it has truly been the greatest $12 I have ever spent! The blades are made of foam so if your baby happens to touch the fan they wont get hurt. I keep the fan turned on every time my son is in his car seat and it keeps him nice and cool.

I get asked by so many moms when I’m out and about where I got my fan, because it’s one of those things you don’t really think of until you see. In fact, I got a little grief for buying it in the first place because a few of my family members thought it was an unnecessary item, but they quickly changed their minds! Whether you are strolling or driving, or out to lunch, it’s important to remember that car seats are basically little furnaces in the summer (especially if yours is black like mine). Another reason why I love this car seat fan so much is it also doubles at entertainment. My little guy will look up at his fan and smile and he also loves the light breeze on his face.

As a new mom, I am still learning so much, but one thing I know is that every mom NEEDS a car seat fan for her infant in the summer!
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