My husband complains that our wedding ruined him.  Not because he married me (so he claims), but because we took so many pictures that he never wanted to be in another photograph!  When looking into what we wanted for our family photos this year, I was talking with my darling and talented photographer (who can be found here) and she suggested doing photos at our home, in our element.  At first I thought, why would we want photos of our everyday life?  We are there there everyday and I wanted something “unique”.  While talking it over with my husband, he mentioned that he liked the idea…mostly because he wouldn’t have to leave the house or put on a big fake smile while we try to get three kids and ourselves looking into the camera.  I eventually came around to the idea with some convincing from the photographer.  And with that, our family lifestyle session was born.

Before the photos I worried about our home.  It is no where near where I would like it to be.  I have absolutely zero design talent, we have tons of unfinished projects and needed updates, and I’m a clutter bug.  It made me nervous, but it really is our chaotic life and I want to remember it exactly how it is, even though faking it might look better in photographs.

The things I loved about doing a family lifestyle session are:

IT IS AT HOME (or another common family gathering place) –  Especially when you have small children, staying close by can be the difference between a smiley kid and a disaster.  Our little Scarlett was able to stay in her bed napping up until a moment before the photos and therefore was a happy camper.

IT IS REAL LIFE – Because a lifestyle session is done in a familiar place, the candid shots are REAL. That may be exactly what you want to remember most about this time in life.  Even though there are some lovely posed photos, I was so excited to see real expressions on my children’s and husband’s faces.

NO NEED TO SHOP FOR THE “PERFECT” OUTFIT – The photos we took were casual and I picked out my outfit just hours before…from my own closet. And so did my husband!  We just picked one of our favorite go-to outfits and didn’t stress about all of us coordinating.  It was much easier than spending hours (and hundreds of dollars) on photo outfits.

IT IS UNIQUE – I mentioned that I wanted something “unique”.  A lifestyle session IS unique.  No one else is having their photos at my house.  These are not posed photos that anyone can replicate.  They are one of a kind!

So that is why I chose a lifestyle session…and loved it!  Have you ever done a lifestyle session?  Do you prefer it or portrait style? I want to hear your experience!

Here are a few photos from the shoot…minus a few of my favorites that I am saving for the Christmas card!


dsc_4688 dsc_4761 dsc_4943 dsc_4965 dsc_4979 dsc_4996 dsc_5036

dsc_5027 dsc_5048dsc_5052



Photography by the amazing: CristinAllen Photography

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