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DSC_4989 Our family has recently committed to improving our digestive health.  This has been a concern of late as my oldest daughter gets frequent stomach aches.  Recently we went to see her pediatrician about this concern and we began our “gut healing” journey.  So many factors can disrupt a child’s natural balance of healthy digestion, which is why we needed to take action.  This action included an initial “clean-out” followed by some simple steps that everyone can do to improve their overall digestive health and the health of their children.


  1. Eat more fiber. This is especially important for children as they develop their eating and digestive habits.  At one point, I found that my fully-toilet trained 4-year-old began having small accidents without even realizing it.  Once a child gets backed up, it is hard for their body to recognize the release prompting. This can lead to accidents they are unaware of.  With the processed foods that plague our grocery stores and home pantries, we must make a conscious effort to get our children more fiber.  My goal has been one fruit and one vegetable at EVERY meal, in addition to offering dried fruit as a snack.
  2. Consume less sugar. Along with processed foods comes an access of sugar.  Sugar kills probiotics (more on this in a minute) and furthermore clogs your bowels.  With the amount of sugar children and adults eat – I’m guilty as charged – our stomachs are having difficulty processing as they should leading to stomach aches and bowel blockages.  We have a rule at our house…one treat a day.  You may be surprised at how much sugar your child is getting at school, friends’ homes, and extra-curricular activities!  Try implementing the one-a-day rule to see if it helps.
  3. Make your own kefir. We prefer milk kefir which we use in our morning smoothies, but water kefir can be used with water, juice or coconut water.  Kefir is easy to make and the seeds/grains reproduce so can be used repeatedly.  It is a rich source of nutrients and has aided us in our gut healing journey .
  4. Take Align Probiotics (don’t miss out on this $5 off Align Jr. coupon)! I was ecstatic to learn that Align offers Kids Probiotics (Align Jr.) and Adult Probiotics (Align) that aid in digestive health*. Align Jr. contains a unique pure-strain of probiotic which NATURALLY helps fortify digestive health!  I feel comfortable giving Align Jr. to my kids knowing that it is the #1 recommended probiotic supplement by gastroenterologists.  These chewable tablets have made aiding my daughter’s digestive system an easier task.  Not to mention she loves the cherry flavor!  Align Jr. probiotic chewables are perfect for children 6-12 years old and will help provide their gut with the healthy bacteria needed for digestive harmony!

Align Jr Probiotic

The turn around we have seen in my daughter’s digestive system since implementing these tips is wonderful.  She went from having a stomach ache every day, to being accident-free and only occasional stomach pains.  By eating more fiber, consuming less sugar, making our own kefir and taking Align Jr. Probiotics, we are healing my little one’s gut!

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  • ǂ Among gastroenterologists and doctors who recommended a brand of probiotic in an AlphaImpactRx 2016 Survey.

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