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Do I have any fellow glasses wearers out there?  Ever since I found out my eyes are essential “allergic” to contacts, I have had to rely on glasses alone (except for special occasions).  I found myself getting bored of the same pair of glasses Every. Single. Day.  Because I only wear glasses, I splurge on just one or two pair per year.  Those things get so expensive when you order them from the eye doctor!  Well, I have found a solution to this problem…it’s called FirmooFirmoo is a very inexpensive online glasses store that may just change your glasses-wearing life.  Here is my Firmoo review pros and cons list.


InexpensiveFirmoo’s prices are very reasonable and easy for anyone to justify a pair or two.  My glasses from my eye doctor cost almost $300 after insurance, but you can get away with a pair of glasses from Firmoo for under $30!

TrendyFirmoo keeps up on the latest styles and trends.  If you are looking for a pair of glasses to go with a specific outfit or style, Firmoo is your place!

Variety – Careful! With the high inventory you could find yourself looking at the site for hours.

Virtual Try On – Although you cannot try the glasses on, there is an option to upload your photo and virtually try the glasses on your picture.

Prescription and Non-PrescriptionFirmoo carries both prescription and non-prescription glasses and sunglasses.


Prescription and Pupil Distance – Because you have to fill in your own prescription and pupil distance (which often isn’t found on the written prescription) there is room for error.  Make sure you have typed in your prescription perfectly and had your pupil distance measured professionally.

Cannot Try Before Purchasing – This is an online store, so you cannot try on the glasses in person before purchasing, but as mentioned before, you can upload your photo and virtually try the glasses on.

Not Very High Quality – The glasses that I received from my doctor’s office were very high quality and guaranteed as opposed to the lower (although still good) quality of the Firmoo glasses.  I suggest having a solid, high quality pair from your optometrist and using Firmoo to purchase additional pairs and more eccentric pairs.

I hope you enjoy browsing Firmoo as much as I did!

Firmoo Glasses

I received a complimentary pair of glasses from Firmoo.  All opinions are my own.

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