Flying with Toddlers-1

Anyone ever taken a 6 ½ hour flight with two toddlers?  I did last week and after going through it, I hope to share with you a bit of what worked for me during those long hours in the air.  And, if I can make it flying with toddlers, so can you!  Here are my top 10 tips:

  1. Prepare, prepare, prepare. In the months preceding our trip, I checked the dollar section every time I went to Target to see if anything stood out as a good plane activity.
  2. Buy each child a backpack that they can be in charge of. I spent $3.99 on some Frozen backpacks at T.J.Maxx, but if you’re trendy, try these cute ones or these that also have an attached child leash.  Just make sure you get a small backpack!  And, don’t put anything really important in your child’s backpack unless you plan on carrying it.  You don’t want to be without a passport or favorite blankie if your child looses the pack.
  3. Keep in mind size and weight of things you bring. We stuck with small drawing pads, a mini bingo game, a small tin with their favorite princess figurines, and snacks.  I packed the tablet (with a few of their favorite movies downloaded) and other heavy/large items in my carryon.
  4. Keep the plane activities put away until the trip and don’t take them all out all at once on the flight. This will keep them exciting for your toddler and ensure they don’t go through it all in 10 minutes.
  5. Zarbees Natural Sleep Aid may save your life! This was my favorite thing that I packed in my carryon.  I was sure to test it on each child a few weeks before to make sure it had the desired effect.  Because my children responded well to it, I gave it to them on the plane halfway through on the first flight and right at the beginning on the red-eye home.
  6. Put your kids in comfy clothes and favorite blanket/binkie/teddy. Don’t forget a jacket for the kids.  Planes can get cold.
  7. Change pee diapers in your seat, go to the restroom for #2. All I can say is good luck in those teeny-tiny bathrooms!
  8. Have your toddler chew gum or suck on a pacifier for lift off. (And if you’re trying to wean your toddler off the paci, read this!)  I made sure on our red-eye flight home that I took out their gum after take off, before they fell asleep.
  9. Be patient and don’t sweat it if your child is fussy. Remember, you’ll never see these people again so don’t worry if they get huffy and upset with a noisy toddler.
  10. ENJOY your vacation once you get there!

BONUS TIP:  If you board early, as is standard with toddlers, ask the piolet if he can show your toddler around the cockpit.

Hope this helps!  Share any of your special tips or experiences with flying with toddlers in the comments below.

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