We’ve all been there…begging and pleading with our exhausted baby to go to sleep.  It could be every nap time (like it is for my little Scarlett) or it could be periodically throughout the night, but whichever it is for you, your baby needs the rest. During slumber is when your baby grows, so it is in their best interest to get enough sleep.  One of my favorite simple guidelines on how much sleep baby should get at each age is found here.  This will give you a good starting point to see if your child is well-rested or sleep deprived.

As I have tried to get my children to reach their healthy amount of sleep, I have found one trick extremely helpful on how to get baby to sleep longer…a SOUND MACHINE.  I have tried a few different ones (check out this one and this one) and I actually don’t have a preference on which one, although some are definitely higher quality than others.  We have one for each child’s room!

Having a little background noise drowns out the neighbor’s barking dog, the passing garbage truck, and the noisy siblings!  I have also found that it can sooth a baby back to sleep if they are not quite yet rested.  Most sound machines are small enough to throw in a suitcase for vacations which helps tremendously when the entire family is sharing a hotel room.

After seeing some debates on the health of a sound machine on a baby’s hearing, I discussed the concern with my child’s pediatrician (see my tips for finding a good doctor here).  He said he prefers parents use a box fan for the reason that some sound machines can be hard on baby’s ears IF turned up too loud.  But he said that if you are careful to keep the sound on a low setting, the background noise will not harm the baby’s ears. There is also the option of a HUSH Hat, which I have mentioned quit a few times (see here) and love for the same purpose.

I hope this trick helps you mommas get those tired babies the sleep they need to grow healthy and strong!  What are your best tips and tricks for getting you little one her best sleep?

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