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Hope Carried Sling Scarlett Smile

Needing two free hands has taken on a whole new meaning for me with three children at home.  I am always feeding, changing, cleaning, and soothing. Because of this, baby carriers are my life-saver these days.  Hope Carried makes beautiful, high-quality ring slings and Scarlett and I have loved ours!  They also make the most adorable kids ring slings (found here) and my “big girls” can’t get enough! They carry all their favorite babies around the house and it’s adorable to see them being little mothers. Here are a few things I love about our Hope Carried slings and some photos of us enjoying them.

Hope Carried Kid Sling

Community Service:  I have always had a special place in my heart for service work.  In high school I went on a humanitarian mission to India and it fueled something in me.  That is one reason why Hope Carried jumped out at me.  The company was started to give women in extenuating circumstances a chance to contribute financially to their family.  Hope Carried is on a mission to train women in creating the finest quality baby carriers right from their homes. Find out more about it here.

Comfortable:  Using the sling is comfy for momma and baby!  Little Scarlett loves hanging out in the sling while I vacuum and do dishes.  And it is light enough weight that when we go to the park on a warm day we don’t get too hot.

Hope Carried Sling Doing Dishes

Beautiful:  The quality linen is gorgeous and the colors offered are perfect.  I adore the Serenity color (found here) and it goes with everything.

Easy:  At my stage of life, ease is very important.  I can quickly and easily throw this sling on to calm my fussy baby.  I can also machine wash it – easy!

Bonding:  Another reason I love wearing my baby is the bonding experience.  I love my baby to have tummy time, swing time, jumper time and alone time, but for an hour or so a day I like to wear her so we can cuddle and bond.  Since Hope Carried slings grow with your baby up to toddlerhood, we can continue to bond in this way throughout her early years.

Find all of these pretty slings (plus baby wraps) at Hope Carried, here, and take time read about the community service they provide, here!

Hope Carried Kid Sling Josie

Hope Carried Full Body ViewHope Carried Sling Front View

Serenity Ring Sling c/o Hope Carried

Scarlett’s Bow c/o Laurlelu

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