You may remember back on my pregnancy announcement post that I mentioned the story of how I found out I was pregnant.  It was surprising and exciting, but before I get to that, let me tell you about my first two pregnancy discoveries.

My husband and I tried for over a year to get pregnant with our first child.  During that time we had one miscarriage and were just beginning to set up doctor appointments for fertility testing.  Just days before our first doctor appointment, I found out that I was pregnant!  We were over the moon and luckily, the pregnancy and birth went well and we now have a happy 4-year-old.

My second pregnancy was quite a fluke.  My husband and I had not discussed having another child yet as we were still in the baby phase with our first.  Through one freak incident with our birth control, I ended up finding out that I was pregnant with our second child when our first was only 7 months old.  It was a shock to us and although we were excited, we were also scared silly.  Again, we had a smooth pregnancy and birth and now have a sassy 3-year-old.

After the caos of two kids born so close together, my husband and I decided to take a break and focus on the two littles.  When we decided to try having another child, we felt more prepared and ready.  This time, we tried for a couple of months without success, took a short break, tried for a couple more months without success and then took another break.  When I decided to go off birth control again we were preparing for our family vacation to Hawaii.  A few days before we left I began spotting and assumed I wasn’t pregnant (I hadn’t had spotting with my previous pregnancies).  When the day arrived for us to leave for the vacation, I was one day late and decided to take a pregnancy test although I was still spotting.  It was negative (my experience with dollar store tests was different than Ashelys – read here).  Disappointingly I threw a bunch of feminine products into my bag and told the hubby.

The days rolled by and the fun of the trip consumed my thoughts, so when I realized that I was now 5 days late, I decided I wanted to take another test secretly.  With the hubby golfing and the kids at the resort kids camp, I decided to walk over to the ABC store to buy a pregnancy test ($25, but I couldn’t wait!).  Well, after enduring a few minutes in the icky convenience store bathroom I got a positive!  I bought a little Hawaiian baby onsie, wrapped it up, and surprised my husband when he got back from golfing!  His excitement and surprise had me glad that my first test had been a false negative.  The surprise was that much better after the let-down of a few days prior.  We were too happy to keep the news from the girls so we told them right away.  Then, of course, they announced it (unprompted) to the whole extended family later that evening with, “Our mommy has a baby in her tummy!”

Finding out and sharing this news on a tropical family vacation was especially exciting and I am sure it will prove to be a lifelong memory.  How did you find out you were pregnant?!  How did you share the news?!

How I Found Out I Was Pregnant

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