Everyone that has had a baby knows that clipping his nails can be very tricky. There are two main problems to solve when figuring out how to clip your baby’s nails. First you need to find the right tool(s) to use and then you’ll need to find a way to keep your baby still. Here are a few things I’ve learned about clipping your baby’s nails that work well:

1. Use the right tools:

After trial, error and a little bloodshed, I’ve decided that using baby nail scissors is the only way to go (find them HERE)! I’ve tried baby nail clippers, but they don’t seem to be designed well for use on very small fingers (infants and toddlers). When using baby nail scissors, it’s easier to see what you are doing, which is crucial when it comes to clipping tiny little fingernails.

baby nail scissors

2. Keep your baby still:

Once you have the right tools, the next challenge will be keeping your baby still while you clip his nails. Often times babies don’t like having their nails trimmed and/or just want to play with the nail clippers themselves. I have found the best way to keep your baby still is by distraction.

When my baby was an infant, the best way to keep him still was to nurse him. While he was nursing, my husband would come clip the baby’s nails. Our baby was so busy eating that he didn’t even notice!

As my baby has grown into toddlerhood, this approach hasn’t worked as well. But, I have found a new way to distract him. It may not be the most elegant solution, but putting a tv show on for him works great. It doesn’t matter if it’s on the phone, tablet, or tv, he zones in and forgets about everything else going on.

baby watching t.v.

What works for me might not necessarily work for you, but it’s a great place to start. And seriously, I can’t recommend the Piyo Piyo baby nail scissors enough! I have tried other brands and they just don’t measure up.

One word of caution….don’t clip your baby’s nails too short! This can cause your baby discomfort and even bleeding.  Ideally the nail should be long enough to protect the nail bed.


Good Luck!

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