I want to introduce everyone to a product that has saved my sanity this past month.  Because baby Scarlett is my third child (with ages 4 and under) she doesn’t get the peace and quiet that the other two had when they would nap.  Because of that, the HUSH Hat has been a lifesaver for Scarlett getting regular and long naps.  In fact, as I type this she is going on a four hour nap despite my kids (plus a neighbor kid) running around the house playing My Little Pony at about one billion decibels!

The HUSH Hat is a baby beanie that uses medical grade foam to absorb loud noises and mimics how infants perceive sound in the womb.  It also has the ability to protect a baby’s hearing from the dangerous effects of high decibel noises. HUSH Hats are made in the USA and come in amazing color options!  They are also high quality and extremely soft, yet light enough weight for baby to nap in year round.

I love that HUSH Hats make taking baby with you everywhere less worrisome. Your little one can safely tag along with you on errands, to sporting events, on airplane flights or big family gatherings (especially if your family is anything like mine – think My Big Fat Greek Wedding).  Having a HUSH Hat has given me peace of mind and I am excited to use it on an upcoming long flight with baby!

When purchasing your HUSH Hat, I would advise skipping the size Small and going straight for the Medium or Large (depending on age). My daughter has a small head and at 5 weeks she is almost outgrowing the size Small and in a few weeks I will need to buy a size Medium.

Next month we will be giving away one of these amazing and useful HUSH Hats, so make sure to stay tuned!

HUSH Hat Slate

HUSH Hat Pearl

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