The weather in my neck of the woods is COLD and SNOWY and since I have a particular daughter who refuses to wear pants, tights, socks, AND long sleeves I have had to figure out some fun indoor activity ideas for todders to keep us busy.  We have a long winter ahead of us so I’ve drummed up some ideas to entertain my little rug rats.  If you are gearing up for winter like I am, jot down a few of these ideas!

  • Trace your child’s hands. This turns into limitless possibilities. Butterflies, Elephants, Snowflakes, Monsters, Trees, Flowers, etc… Use random items around the house to add to the creative art work.
  • Use your laundry baskets. Pull your kids around in them for a great work out that your kids will be happy to participate in.  Or make a fort for stuffed animals.  Kids will love using their imagination with this simple household item.
  • Let them help you cook. This one is often painful for moms.  Although cooking gets done so much faster without little “helping” hands, kids love to be involved.  I’ve been teaching my kids to read recipes and they love trying to tell me what’s next on the list of ingredients.  And if you’re cooped up inside anyway, it won’t matter that cooking takes a little more time.
  • Help your child write a book. I go the easy route and just staple a few blank pages together, but my kids love it!  They mostly draw pictures with a few words on each page (you can even write for them what they dictate), but it is amazing to see their creative minds at work.
  • Give them a few more daily “chores”. Because we aren’t rushing out to play as much during the winter, we have more time at home to establish habits like having the kids make their bed each morning, organizing toys before bed and wiping down the counters.  If you take time to do these things when you’re cooped up anyway, the kids will become more efficient and hopefully establish good habits.
  • Have a read-a-thon. Do you remember those in grade school? Grab your pillow, blankets and favorite books (lots of them!) and curl up by the fire to read.  Make sure you have some popcorn or another yummy snack for this great indoor activity.  This is one of our favorites for sure!

Hope these ideas help you get started as you prep for winter hibernation!  I know we will be doing these a lot at my house especially with my decreased energy from pregnancy and continue when we are hiding out in our house after baby is born to avoid germs.  Now, go enjoy your holiday parties!  Merry Christmas!

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