In the spirit of Love Day, I am going to share some of my favorite tips on keeping the love alive and thriving in your relationship. With all the yard work, dish cleaning, snow scraping, laundry doing, and back rubbing my sweet husband has done over our almost 10 years of marriage, he deserves something extra special from me on Valentine’s Day…and every day!

Here’s a few simple tips for keeping the love alive in your relationship:

  1. BE PRESENT. Don’t be checking Instagram every 15 minutes while you’re out with your guy. And (if your husband is anything like mine), expect him not to be checking his Twitter either. Be present in your experience with him, whether it’s out at a fancy restaurant or cuddling in bed.
  2. QUALITY AND QUANTITY TIME. Have fun together, but remember that even quality time cannot make up for never seeing each other.  Make plans together.  Support your love in his hobbies and ask him to participate in yours.  Line up your work schedule’s so that you get to spend *awake* time together.
  3. PHYSICAL TOUCH. Make sure that you are having physical touch with your husband every day.  It can be as simple as a hand on his knee at dinner to a sloppy kiss when he walks in the door from work.  Feelings follow actions, therefore, the more you touch, the more love you will feel towards him.
  4. EXPRESS APPRECIATION. Human beings thrive on being needed and loved.  The more you tell your man that you need him and appreciate what he does, the more effort he will put into making you happy.  One thing my husband and I like to do for each other is give thoughtful gifts.  Recently my husband mentioned wanting a nice watch so I was thrilled when I was introduced to JORD wooden watches, found here!

I decided this Valentine’s Day I will give a JORD watch to my sweetheart (this one). These unique timepieces arrive in a gorgeous wooden box with all your watch care necessities.  But the real beauty is inside the box.  There are gorgeous styles to fit every personality (they carry women’s watches and men’s watches).  JORD also offers watch sizing for only $10.  The sizing process is easy and I highly recommend it.  In addition, JORD offers watch engraving and box engraving (although those will cost you quite a bit more). I cannot wait to give this JORD watch to my husband for Valentine’s Day because he deserves this and more!

Now you can spoil your man (or yourself) too with a unique watch!  Click here to participate in our JORD cool watch $100 giveaway and receive a $25 off code.  Giveaway ends February 26th, 2017.

watch (2 of 5)

watch (1 of 5)  watch (3 of 5) watch (4 of 5) watch (5 of 5)

*I received a JORD watch for review, but all opinions are my own.

Luxury Wooden Watch

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