As a momma to three girls, it is important to me for my daughters to see that I take pride in looking nice.  I don’t mean that I have to have full-face makeup, curled hair, and trendy clothes on every day.  I mean that I take time to care for my body.  (See my post about boosting self-confidence here.)  So when I was introduced to a lipstick that wears ALL-DAY through my busy mom life, I was excited to test it out.

I received my Lipsense through cute Ashley from here at Mommy Status, who also runs Raspberry Glow Lips. The product was packaged super cute!  It came with the color I picked, the gloss, instructions for use, and a remover block all in a cute little bag.  I was very glad it came with the instruction card which included tips for the best wear….don’t skip over these when you get your first package!  It took me about 2 applications to get the hang of it, but then I was sold.

Although I am glad I have a color -Apple Cider- that works for everyday wear, I would suggest something a little bolder because you can always do less layers for a more subtle effect.  Ashley did inform me of this, but I didn’t listen…haha.  She is a pro and can help you pick a color that would work for you!

The exciting thing about Lipsense is that it is waterproof, kissproof, and smudge proof.  I can sweat in it, eat in it, kiss in it…and it stays!  That is a dream for a busy momma.  Look at all that Lipsense claims:

lipsense info image

So here are the results.  You can see the first photo was taken in morning light with fresh makeup and applied Lipsense.  The second photo was 11 hours later.  My face makeup is long gone and the light was too, but my lipstick was exactly the same!

 Lipsense Apple Cider AM

Lipsense Apple Cider PM

Email Ashley at to order

IG @raspberryglowlips

Also follow along her awesome fashion blog

What colors have you tried from Lipsense?  I can’t wait to get my hand on some bolder colors!

Mommy Status Lipsense Apple Cider

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