Preggie mommas out there!  I am so excited to be featuring my new favorite pregnancy (and post-pregnancy) products.  When I was pregnant with Elle (my first), I thought I was special and would walk away without stretch marks.  Haha. Well, I was wrong!  With Josie (my second) I decided to use the popular grocery store Palmers Cocoa Butter.  I do think it was somewhat helpful in preventing many more stretch marks, but I couldn’t stand the smell or the “cheap” feel of the cream.  You may recall Ashley’s recent post about Mama Mio Gorgeous Glow Face Wash.  Well, for my baby belly I have been using Mama Mio Stretch Mark Prevention The Tummy Rub Butter and The Tummy Rub Oil.


I could not be happier with these products.  My first impression was that they smell AMAZING.  I could seriously sit and smell The Tummy Rub Butter all day.  It is perfect for a pregnant lady because it’s just a light airy scent.  I, like most preggies, have a heightened sense of smell and somehow Mama Mio came up with my perfect fragrance!  I also love the thick, non-greasy feel of it.  The Tummy Rub Oil is obviously oily which is perfect right after a shower when you can just relax and let it soak in before getting dressed (and it also smells lovely).   Although I prefer the Tummy Rub Butter because of its ease, both products are amazing and are my new must-have pregnancy items and I bet they will be yours too!  Right now on their site Mama Mio is having a 15% off code (TREAT) for the next 100 customers plus they always offer free shipping.  Enjoy!

P.S.  What have you done to prevent stretch marks?  Did it work?  I’ll let you know how I fare with stretch marks at the end of my pregnancy!


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