Any other moms out there feel like their style went way down hill since giving birth? Even when I was pregnant I was so much more fashionable, but it seems like that has all changed. Now that I am actually a mom I spend my whole day looking after my little one, and find myself still wearing sweat pants at 5 pm contemplating if I should change before my husband comes home from work (and unfortunately 9 times out of 10 the answer is no)! Another thing that makes getting dress difficult is that I am nursing and so I only like to wear tops that are stretchy enough to pull down or anything with snaps or buttons! Here are a few mom outfit ideas and why they work for me!

1. Comfy Black Dress + Boots
black dress, kimono cardigan, combat boots, mom style, mom outfit, mom look

I feel like you can never go wrong with wearing black as a mother because of all of the spit up, dirt, snot, and pee that may get on you throughout the day! Black is just so easy and you rarely have to worry about stains. I found this dress at Old Navy and threw on a kimono cardigan, some boot socks and boots to make it a little more polished. However, I wear this dress by itself all the time and still feel put together. With the colder weather coming, you could easily layer it over a pair of leggings for a simple mom proof outfit!

2. Distressed Jeans + Flats
mom style, ripped jeans, nude flats

I wore this outfit when I was very pregnant with Nikson (obviously), but it is also a great non-maternity outfit as well. No jeans are as comfy as maternity jeans with the belly band attached, but as long as you get a pair with a little stretch the should allow you to do all of the tasks involved with being a mom – bending down, chasing children, ect. And flats are an obvious must-have for moms. When you don’t want your feet to hurt, but you also don’t want to wear Nike’s everywhere…

3. Maxi Wrap Dress + Wedges
mom style, mom look. maxi dress, nursing dress, pink floral maxi dress

Maxi Dresses are moms best friend because of the versatility and comfort factor. I’m so obsessed with these maxi’s from Pink Blush/Pink Blush Maternity for lots of reasons but mainly because of how fabulous they are to nurse in! See mine and Melissa’s full post about these dresses HERE. I don’t wear heels too often since becoming a mother, but if  I do it is almost always a pair of wedges. The support that wedges offer make walking and carrying around a squirmy 20 lb baby more manageable!

Well these are just a few of my favorite outfits to wear the few times a week that I do put on regular clothes! 😉 What are some of your favorite things to wear as a mom?


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