Mommy’s Hallelujah

Mommy's Hallelujah


Hallelujah!  I’m 22 weeks!  Any 2nd, 3rd, 85th time prego moms out there?  Is it just me, or do the weeks fly by because you have other kids to focus on/worry about?  My first pregnancy seemed to last FOREVER; my second quite a bit faster;  my third has gone like lightening.  I have been meaning to post about my pregnancy, but it’s gone so quickly that if I don’t get on it now, I’ll miss the boat.

This pregnancy has taken a little more of a toll on my body.  I was more sick during the first trimester with this baby than with either of my others.  I was also extremely exhausted!  I really could not believe how tired I was every second of every day.  Now that my second trimester has come along, I am less exhausted (definitely still tired, though).  My biggest reminder that I am pregnant now that the morning sickness has passed is that of my growing active belly and stretching ligaments. (Anyone else have super painful stretching ligaments during pregnancy?)  Even with all the undesirable side effects of pregnancy, I absolutely adore the feeling of growing a human in my body.  It is so special and exciting.  Now, if my husband and I could just agree on a name!

And for fun, here is my favorite video of the week year – Mommy’s Hallelujah!  It describes how I feel every evening when my kids go down for the night, especially now that I am a pregnant, hormonal, tired person.  And, I love this woman’s angelic voice.  Enjoy!


Mommy's Hallelujah

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