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We are quickly approaching the end of the year.  That means parties, recitals, lots of shopping and food!  But one thing that may get put on the back burner is deciding on health insurance during open enrollment (the time to chose/change your plan).  Not only do you want to avoid the legal fines of not having health insurance for your family, but you also want to make sure you’re finding the best coverage for the best price.


As struggling students (me finishing my Bachelor’s Degree and my husband in the midst of his MBA) my husband and I decided to stick to a strict budget.  That budget was really tight.  Although we lived in beautiful San Diego where there are some amazing restaurants, we did not eat out.  Even though we lived just minutes from a huge mall, we did not buy new clothes.   And with all the exciting adventures to be had in San Diego, we chose all of the free ones.  We cut down on a lot of things.  We even toyed with the idea of dropping health insurance all-together.  Then we thought about our family.  There are so many unknowns in this life.  We needed to be prepared even if the budget was tight, and health insurance was a priority.  When slashing our budget and tightening up, one thing that we knew we could not cut out was health insurance.   So we turned to an expert to help us find the best plan for our family at the best price.


So once you have decided to make health insurance a priority, how do you find the right plan?! Raise your hand if you have ever been frustrated while navigating your healthcare plan.  I can’t see you, but I am assuming you’re raising your hand, because, well, who hasn’t?  Now is the perfect time to seek help.  We used Anthem Blue Cross to decide on a plan during open enrollment and it worked great for us!  Find them HERE.  You can also use Application Assistors, Navigators, or a broker in your local community to find the plan that is right for your family. This resource and this one are very helpful.

Even with the busyness of December, I want you to remember that now is the time to make health insurance a top priority!  What have you found to be the most helpful as you navigate open enrollment? Share in the comments!


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