So, I have never been an artist of any sort.  From drawing, to crafting, to photography, to design…I just don’t have any natural talent in that area.  This includes makeup as well.  Putting on makeup has become more and more of a chore in my life..  Not only is my time very limited, but I also felt as though it wasn’t improving my look because I did not know how to use it for my benefit.  Well, that has all changed since my personalized one-on-one makeup lesson with Natalie Krall.  Natalie Krall is a professional make-up artist who loves her job and does beautiful work.  Check out some of her work here!

Ladies (and men looking for the perfect gift) you NEED a personalize makeup lesson!  It is hard for me to narrow down what I loved most about this one-on-one makeup lesson (other than hanging out with the lovely Natalie Krall), but here are some of the highlights:

  • Pre-Lesson Consultation – Natalie took the time to find out what I was looking for before my lesson so that we could get right to it when I got there!  I specifically wanted help with my eye makeup and everyday face makeup. My eyes slant down and had no idea what to do with shadow and liner.  I now have great ideas and tips on how to work with my eye shape.  She delicately points out how to enhance your best features while down-playing other areas
  • Makeup Bag Review – I love that Natalie went through all the makeup that I have in my makeup bag.  She showed me how to use each item in the best way for my face.  She also helped me decide what to keep and what to chuck.
  • New Makeup Suggestions – I walked away from my makeup lesson realizing that I really didn’t need to purchase very much new makeup.  Natalie was able to work with what I already had.  She made a few suggestions for items to buy, but the great thing is, she is not brand specific!  She also doesn’t make commission off of makeup purchases so you know that she is sharing her honest opinion about what brand/item will work for you.

After a quick trip to Ulta to get a couple items, I now feel confident wearing my makeup everyday. My new makeup routine is fast, easy and Natalie even taught me how to dramatize it for a night out! I now get compliments daily on how pretty and natural my makeup looks.  Natalie Krall is such an artist. If you live in Salt Lake City or surround areas, check out her lessons.  Don’t miss out on her SALE going on right now here for a personalized one-one-one makeup lesson!

BEFORE PHOTO (“fresh faced” as the kids call it these days):



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