22 weeks pregnant, 22 week bumpdate, pregnancy bumpdateHow far along: 22 weeks

Size of baby: Papaya (15.17 ounces/ 10.94 inches).

Must have items: 

Sleep: Sleeping great!

Cravings: Pizza. All Day. Everyday.

Baby movement: I can feel him move all the time now! He goes through little kicking spurts where he will kick non stop for 10 minutes or so. I LOVE just putting my hands on my belly and feeling the movement.

Gender: It’s a BOY (see gender reveal announcement HERE)! Haven’t bought him anything yet though, because I always find myself gravitating toward the baby girl clothes….oops!

Challenges this week: I played a tennis match and I got hit in the leg twice near the beginning. It didn’t hurt really, but I was s timid for the rest of the match because I was so worried about getting hit in the stomach! I want to be aggressive and win games (which luckily I still won this one), but the most important thing to me right now is keeping my baby safe! I only have a few more matches left in the season and then I’m going to take a break until after the baby is born!

Best moment this week: Spending Thanksgiving with my family! My mom makes the yummiest Thanksgiving meal and I love quality family time (especially when there is food involved). 🙂



  • I am new to your blog, but have to say how cute you look! I am the mom of five boys and my youngest is now nine. I remember the baby bump days like they were yesterday! I had to laugh when you shared you were playing tennis. Pregnancy was terribly difficult in me. Although I always recovered, I literally couldn’t walk when I was pregnant. The idea of being able to workout or play tennis is completely foreign to me! How blessed you are to be able to stay so active!!

    • ashleysonntag says:

      Hi Becky! So glad you found my blog. I feel so lucky to be able to do so much pregnant, because I have heard from so many women, like you, that is not their case. Don’t worry, I am taking full advantage of it and counting my blessings! 🙂 Have a beautiful day! xx

  • Mrs. AOK says:

    I believe this is my first visit here, so, CONGRATULATIONS!

    You and your baby bump are beautiful, seriously gorgeous!
    My “baby” boy is six years old. Wishing you all the best.
    Thanks for sharing your update via Mommy Monday.

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