24 weeks pregnantHow far along: 24 weeks.

Size of baby: Cantaloupe (1.3 pound/ 12 inches).

Must have items:

Sleep: Great, except waking up with a charlie-horse (see “challenges this week”)

Cravings: Food. I’m hungry 95% of the time I think.

Baby movement: I’m pretty sure he is doing back flips in there…he moves so much!

Gender: It’s a BOY (see gender reveal announcement HERE)!

Challenges this week: Woke up with a charlie-horse and wanted to die. I started screaming and crying and woke up my husband who was sure there was a murderer in the house due to my reaction. My husband was a sweetie and started massaging my leg to help it, and it eventually went away after about 5 minutes but was still sore by the next day. I know I’m a huge baby, but that was the most painful charlie-horse I have ever had. Hopefully I won’t get too many more of those…

Best moment this week: Christmas shopping with my husband in the snow! It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas… 🙂


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