27 week pregnant, bumpdate

How far along: 27 weeks.

Size of baby: Rutabaga (1.92 pounds/ 14.41 inches).

Must have items:

Sleep: Sleeping great. Sometimes wake up a little sore, but nothing too bad!

Cravings: Bread. I have been eating so much bread lately and I really need to stop!

Baby movement: Still moving a lot and sometime goes on kicking streaks where he will kick in the same place for a few minutes at a time.

Gender: It’s a BOY (see gender reveal announcement HERE)!

Challenges this week: I got a lot of upper leg cramps while walking that cause me to limp a little when I walk!

Best moment this week: New Years! We went to my moms for dinner and got to see my grandma and grandpa who were in town! (I was 27 weeks at New Years, I’m a few weeks behind on updating this!)


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