33 weeks pregnant, pregnancy style, pregnancy fashionHow far along: 33 weeks.

Size of baby: Pineapple (4.5 pounds/ 18.9 inches).

Must have items:

  • Nursing Bras! Obviously I’m not nursing yet, but these things are so dang comfortable and I have outgrown my pre-pregnancy bras.
  • Comfy pajama pants
  • My Bump Nest pregnancy pillow
  • Palmers Tummy Butter and Bio Oil for stretch mark prevention. I can’t decide which one I like best or which one I think will be most effective, so I just use both!
  • Flat shoes. This is hard coming from a girl who LOVES wearing heels and wedges, but I have been living in flats (other than for Church and blog photo shoots for my fashion blog) and secretly loving it!

Sleep: Still not much trouble sleeping, although I do get sore if I stay in one position for too long!

Cravings: My husband and I went to Rita’s, which is a frozen custard/Italian Ice dessert shop that is SO delicious and I have been craving it so bad ever since we went. I haven’t gone back yet because I am trying to tone down the amount of sweets I eat, but I don’t know how much longer I can hold out!

Baby movement: His movement is still a little less than it was a few weeks ago. The movement I do feel is more like he is rolling around in there rather than kicking.

Gender: It’s a BOY (see gender reveal announcement HERE)!

Challenges this week: I have had a few freak out moments this week where I realize that out baby is coming SOON and I have almost nothing for him! I have a few baby showers coming up, so hopefully that will help me feel more prepared. We also ordered our car sear which is the only thing you technically NEED to leave the hospital, so at least we are on the right track!

Best moment this week: Valentine’s Day! I always love a day where my husband is forced to tell me how he feels about me and buy me stuff 😉


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