34 weeks pregnantHow far along: 34 weeks.

Size of baby: Butternut Squash (5 pounds/ 20 inches).

Must have items:

  • Nursing Bras! Obviously I’m not nursing yet, but these things are so dang comfortable and I have outgrown my pre-pregnancy bras.
  • Comfy pajama pants
  • My Bump Nest pregnancy pillow
  • Palmers Tummy Butter and Bio Oil for stretch mark prevention. I can’t decide which one I like best or which one I think will be most effective, so I just use both!
  • Flat shoes. This is hard coming from a girl who LOVES wearing heels and wedges, but I have been living in flats (other than for Church and blog photo shoots for my fashion blog) and secretly loving it!

Sleep: Sleeping well except I wake up twice a night at almost the exact same time to pee. This baby is so low and definitely pushing on my bladder!

Cravings: Cereal…I hate that I crave it so much, because there is almost zero nutrition in it. I have 1-2 bowls of cereal for breakfast every morning…eeek! And then I usually crave a bowl before I go to bed. I’m going to try and seriously cut back this week!

Baby movement: His movements were back up this week and he always has some body part poking out. It is pretty intense actually, sometimes my stomach looks like a game of Whac-a-mole!

Gender: It’s a BOY (see gender reveal announcement HERE)!

Challenges this week: With his movements being more intense, they can sometimes be quite uncomfortable. I have had slight pain in one are of my stomach a few times this week and I think it might be Braxton Hicks, but I’m not too sure!

Best moment this week: I had my first baby shower! It was so much fun (and a little terrifying) to hear advice from my friends and family about all things baby and what to expect! And my baby got spoiled with lots of nice gifts that he definitely needed! Also, Melissa and I went and got massages together (courtesy of mom & dad) and it was soooo relaxing and much needed!

P.S. Check out mine and Melissa’s new ABOUT page HERE!


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