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The girls and I just got back from a nice afternoon at the park.  It has been lovely weather here and we wanted to take advantage of it, so I wrapped baby Scarlett up in my Solly wrap and the girls and I walked to the park.  Scarlett enjoyed being close to momma (instead of sitting in a stationary stroller on the sidewalk) and I enjoyed the ease of carrying her while having my hands free to help my older two kids climb and play.  I wasn’t much of a baby-wearer with my other two girls, but the Solly has me believing in baby-wearing.  Here are the things that I love (and a few I don’t) about the Solly Baby Wrap (found here).


Portability.  The Solly Baby Wrap has a large pocket on one end that you can stuff the fabric into so the wrap can fit nicely in your bag.

Softness.  I could tell from the moment I opened the box (packed gorgeously) that this is high-quality fabric and extremely comfortable for me and baby.

Stretch.  The Solly has just enough stretch to be comfortable without feeling like your baby is going to fall out.

Comfort. When pulled correctly over your shoulders, the wrap distributes the weight of the baby and makes wearing baby very comfortable.

Bonding.  There are so many benefits of baby-wearing. I love the feel of having my baby close to me but I often need two hands throughout the day.  Wearing baby in the Solly Baby Wrap gives me the best of both worlds.

Tutorials.  On The Solly Baby Wrap website there are tutorials to help you figure out the best way to tie and wear your wrap.  I found these every informative.

Made in the USA.  I love that these wraps aren’t outsourced!  They are made right here in the U.S.A.

Machine Washable.  These wraps can be machine washed in cold and tumbled dry.  I love anything low-maintenance!

Fabric Options.  The colors and patterns that Solly Baby offers are simple and gorgeous.


Extra Long. Because the fabric is so long (hence the one size fits all), the ends lay on the ground while tying the wrap.  I’m a bit of a germ-a-phobe so that bothers me a bit, but isn’t a huge deal.

May Take Persistence. Scarlett didn’t love the wrap for the first month of her life.  I had to be pretty persistent with it.  This could be because she was picky about her position or it could be that I was still learning and experimenting with the wrap.

Price. Also, the price seems a bit high when you think about the fact that it’s basically a long piece of fabric, but it ends up paying for itself over and over again if you use it as often as I have.

Have you ever tried a Solly Baby Wrap? What did you think?  Check out these beautiful new designs that are available on their site for pre-order!

Succulent Solly Wrap Pink Swiss Dot Solly Wrap

And here is one more of me with my sweet baby girl.  Check out the pattern I chose – and love – HERE.

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I received a Solly Baby Wrap to review.  All opinions are my own.

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