I spent an unhealthy amout of time this week rounding up some of my favorite spring fashions for girls this year.  I’m loving the womans fashions that are carrying over into children’s trends. Give me and my littles all the chambray, sweet dresses, denim, and overalls (why, oh why didn’t I keep my overalls from my childhood?!) What is your favorite fashion for little girls this spring?

Little Girl Denim Chambray

via Womans Look Instagram

Little Girl Skirt Spring Trends

via Paul & Paula

Little Girl Spring Romper

via Country Road

Little Girl Jeans

via Buzzfeed

Yellow Dress Little Girls

via Smudge Etikka

Sweet Dress Little Girl

via Emily Kiddy

Little Girl Shorts

via Smudge Etikka

LIttle Girl Shorts and pocket shirt

via Paul & Paula

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