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I cannot even tell you how excited I am that spring is here!  Winter has always been my least favorite season because I hate being cold, so I always look forward to springtime.  My kindergartner’s spring break is coming up and we are taking a short road trip to visit great grandma (or “Old Grandma” as my kiddos endearingly refer to her).  We will also spend part of the break close to home doing some fun local activities.  Our favorite spring fever activities include hitting up the best parks in the area, going to the local museums, attending sporting events, and visiting art exhibits.

My daughters are 5-years-old, 4-years-old, and 14-months-old.  While taking our road trip and driving all around town for these fun activities, I want my kids as safe as possible!  That is why I put my baby in the Evenflo Symphony All-In-One Car Seat.  This seat has all the important features as well as some convenient upgrades.  Here are my favorite things about the Evenflo Symphony, found here:

  • The Evenflo All-In-One Platinum Symphony DXL is the model that I chose and it can be converted and used from birth up to 110 lbs!  It is the only car seat you will ever have to buy.
  • It has buckle protectors to shield against hot buckles on a warm day.  I love this because I am always so worried about burning my little one’s skin.
  • It also has an easy adjust button so that your child can always be securely buckled in.  This is SO much better than adjusting from the back.
  • The buckles are secure, but not impossible for me to unlatch.  Has anyone else every tried a car seat where you need to have super-human strength while doing a ninja maneuver just to get your kid out of the seat?
  •  The Evenflo Symphony is so cushy and comfy!  My daughter looks like she is very padded, but the temperature regulating fabric makes sure she is never overheated.
  • When our Evenflow Symphony arrived a couple weeks ago, we decided to turn my daughter forward-facing. This was a great seat to start with forward-facing, although it also does rear-facing.
  • Evenflo Symphony All-In-One Car Seat is side -impact tested AND roll-over tested!
  • It comes in a variety of colors.  I love the neutral look of black and grey, but if you’re a little more adventurous, there are tons of gorgeous colors.
  • Has two spots for holding sippy cups or snack bowls.
  • It reclines nicely while forward-facing (I have not tried it rear-facing, but have heard that the recline is not as exaggerated in the rear-facing mode).

I’m glad little Scar will have a comfortable seat for our road trip and spring fever activities!  My only caution is to measure your car with the seat measurements.  The Symphony model fits snugly in my mid-sized SUV because we also have two boosters on the same row.  Make sure you take those factors into account when you are choosing your car sear.  Evenflo has three all-in-one car seat models available and this darling printed one is on sale now!  What are your plans for spring break?  Enjoy and stay safe!

Evenflo All in One Symphony

evenflo Platinum Series Symphony Car Seat

Evenflo Symphony Car Seat Black Grey  Evenflo Symphony Car Seat

*I was given an Evenflo Symphony car seat in exchange for my honest opinion.

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