Here I am, starting this post over for the fifth time.  As parents, so many things weigh heavy on our hearts.  We want the best for our children. We want them to be happy and healthy.  We worry and pray and persist.  ALL. THE. TIME.  When I look at my children I see their strengths.  I see their joy.  But I also see their struggles.  And they each have a different one.


Although I originally didn’t plan to share this, I will in hopes that it may help another parent.  My heart has ached for quite some time for my middle child.  I have seen her struggle with expressing her emotions, especially sadness and anger.  She can be manipulative in a way that does not seem common for her age. Recently I began to wonder if she was on par behaviorally for her age.  As parents we need to follow our gut, and my gut was telling me to get some help for her.  It was then that I discovered Springling Therapy, provided by Carrie H. Greer (a board certified behavior analyst who has specialized in working with very young children and their families in designing naturalistic, developmentally appropriate play-based interventions for children). Springling Therapy provides developmental screenings, development support in potty training, sleep and behavior, and developmental behavioral intervention. (See a list of services here.)  I cannot express how glad I am that I did these developmental screenings for my children.


First of all, the screening questionnaires are done online (although you can be seen in person if you are in the Fort Worth Dallas area) and support can be through email and/or phone.  This makes doing a screening or receiving support extremely convenient.  There are multiple choice questions as well as essay questions involving your child’s physical, mental and social health so that an individualized plan can be made.

The cost of a single screening is only $24, with the option for other packages, see here!  That is the same as or less than a copay visit to the doctor’s office.  I am grateful that Springling Therapy is affordable for everyone because EVERYONE can benefit from it.

The individualized results were incredible and the information I received invaluable!  The ideas for games and challenges for my oldest child were perfect.  The sibling play and motor skill exercises for my 6-month-old have proved helpful.  As for my dear middle daughter, I got confirmation that she needs to see a specialist and additional information on where she lacks and who to see for it.


Although we still have a road ahead of us with my feisty little lady, I am beyond grateful for the information and knowledge I gained from Carrie Greer at Springling Therapy!  I only wish that I had know about this sooner…especially through those difficult potty training days.  If you are worried about your child, go to Springling Therapy.  If you are wondering if your child is on track developmentally, go to Springling Therapy.  If you would appreciate personalized ideas to help your child continue developing properly, go to Springling Therapy.  I cannot say enough good about it.  Share your experience with Springling in the comments below.


One thing to do for your child today

I received complimentary screenings from Springling Therapy.  All opinions and stories are my own.

Photography by Cristina Allen Photography


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