Summer Schedule

Just because summer has rolled around again does not mean that routine has to fly out the window.  My children thrive on routine, although I have to admit, I am not organized enough for a strict routine, nor am I a scheduled person by nature.  Our family is very go-with-the-flow, but there are a few things we always stick to.  Here is how our summer schedule goes:

6:30am-8:30am WAKE UP & BREAKFAST.  I let the children sleep in as long as they want every day in the summer.  You may think that I am crazy, but the latest my kids have ever slept until in the morning is 8:45am (with 7:00am being standard).  That seems reasonable to me, especially with the later bed times and lots of active time.

8:30am GET READY FOR THE DAY.  This usually does not include me getting ready.  I have come to the consensus that either my children are dressed or I am. It’s never both (except for church on Sunday’s).

10:00am SWIMMING LESSONS.  If you read my post about National Swim Day, than you know that teaching children to swim is extremely important to me as a mother.  Every summer my children do swimming lessons because we spend most of our summer at the pool!

11:00am CHORES. My children each have one chore a day in addition to cleaning their rooms. When they are older, I may add more, but for now, this works for us.  (They are 1, 4 and 6 years old.)

12:00pm LUNCH TIME.  Meal time is my nemesis!  3 times a day plus snacks…it gets old.  So we go simple.  We love Annie’s Organic Mac and Cheese.  I pick it up at Costco.  We also do a lot of watermelon and carrots with dip.

1:00pm NAP TIME AND PLAY TIME.  From 1pm on my older kids ride bikes, do arts and crafts or run around the neighborhood with friends.  My baby takes a nap.  If I’m lucky, the nap lasts 2 hours!  For me, this means blog catch-up, house work catch-up, or sleep catch-up.

4:30pm GYM.  My goal is 5 times a week, but it usually ends up being about 4 times a week.  I want to show my kids the importance of taking care of their body.  Also, my kids LOVE the gym day care.  It’s a win/win.

6:00pm DINNER.  Is it really time to prepare another meal?!

7:30pm BEDTIME ROUTINE.  We try to get stared with baths around 7:30pm to make sure we are in bed by a reasonable hour.  Especially since my kids go to the bath kicking and screaming, but then refuse to get out once they’re in.  Please tell me I’m not the only one who deals with this Every. Single. Night.

What does your summer schedule look like?  Are you more relaxed or do you keep it rigid?  Either way, I hope you are enjoying your summer!

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