Like it or not swim suit season is just around the corner, or in my case because I live in California, it’s here (eeek!). Whether you’re 1 month postpartum, or like me and nearly 1 year postpartum, you may not be quite ready to bust out your bikini yet. Finding a swimsuit as a new mom can be challenging,

I am a swim suit hoarder and love seeing the new style come out each year. There are so many great styles out right now that I have to share! This post is dedicated to moms who are still working on their “post baby body” and women just looking for a cute suit for an upcoming vacation (hello Spring Break!) or pool day. I feel like most moms, or any women for that matter, will never be 100% confident with her body, so it’s better to just embrace it and find flattering swimwear to help you look and feel your best.

Here are 6 of my favorite swimsuit styles that are super flattering and fun for new moms!


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1. Plunging Neckline

First up is the plunging neckline one piece. I loooove this style and wear it all the time. Why not draw attention to one area you may actually want to show off post baby–thank you breastfeeding ;). And bonus- it’s a piece of cake to nurse in!
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2. High Waisted Bikini

What’s better than a high waisted bottom to help cover up one of the most problematic areas for moms. Some moms have a scar on their tummies from a C-section that they may want to conceal, and others might have loose skin in that area that just isn’t the same as their pre-baby belly. A high waisted bikini still allows you to show some skin while covering your tummy.
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3. Mesh Panels

This might be the biggest trend I’m seeing this year in swimwear. There are so many different ways mesh is being incorporated in swimwear and I love almost all of it. Mesh adds a “sexy” factor without being too revealing.
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4. Swimdress

Skirted swimwear is another style that’s great for moms. It covers a little more of your thighs and bum than a traditional bikini or one piece bottom. I think the skirted look is totally adorable and girly.
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5. Peplum Suit

Peplum suits are yet another way to help conceal that post baby belly. I am seeing peplum suits everywhere right now and every if you don’t have a mommy tummy you are trying to conceal, you should still try out this style! It’s adds an extra flair that takes a swimsuit to the next level.
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6. Cutouts

Cutouts are a great way to spice up your swimwear. Depending on the cutout placement, it can help draw attention to or away from a certain area. Maybe you want to show the sides of your stomach, but not the front? A cutout suit is a perfect way to achieve that!
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What are you favorite swimsuit styles to wear?


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  • Mrs. AOK says:

    I’m seven years postpartum.. eeek! I’m trying hard to get this body in bikini shape. Although, I no longer live near the beach. 🙁
    I would love to try a high waisted bikini but I’m afraid my mommy pouch will be prevalent. :-/
    I LOVE the peplum suits!! I think I can totally do that, and maybe mesh. 🙂
    Thanks for sharing with us at #MMBH- pinned!

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