Third Trimester Bumpdate

Ahhhh, just one week to go!  At times I can’t wait for this little lady to be here and at other times I want her to stay inside forever.  I keep thinking that she will just stay put until I’m completely ready.  I’m pretty sure I’m wrong.

How far along: 38 Weeks, 5 days

Baby is as big as: A Mini Watermelon (19 in, 6.5 lbs)

How long until due date: 1 week, 2 days

Must have pregnancy items:  Mama Mio Tummy Butter Rub (I haven’t gotten any stretch marks with this pregnancy!!),  Pink Blush Maternity clothesUpsie Belly Bandit and a nightly tub soak.

Other fun pregnancy items: My Bellybuds!

Cravings: Oatmeal with berries and whipped cream on top.  And chocolate chips.

Challenges: Motivation in keeping up my daily exercise routine, rolling over in bed, and restless leg syndrome.  Also, my talented husband decided to re-do my kitchen for me (hopefully) before baby comes.  It will be so great when it’s complete, but for now I’m living in a construction zone.

Best moments of the third trimester: Getting the nursery ready and preparing for birth!  As soon as the last few touches are ready in the nursery I will share the process and finished product.

Tonight I plan on packing my hospital bag from my Best Hospital Bag List Ever!  Can’t wait to share details of little girl’s birth soon.

39 Weeks

And here is my self-timer photo from this morning because hubby is too busy trying to finish the kitchen to snap a shot!


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