The Voyager Bag Full Shot

My sweet Jonny took the girls camping last weekend and it was a hit!  We have never been campers so I was surprised when my husband said he wanted to take the kids.  He said it was as much for me as it was for them.  I got to stay home and enjoy some one on one time with baby Scarlett and sleep in my comfy warm bed…it was a win/win!  Dads are so special and necessary in our family lives.  With Father’s Day coming up it is the perfect opportunity to let the men in our lives know how much we love, appreciate, and need them.  One way to spoil those helpful, hands-on dads (or to inspire more involvement) is with the Twisted Mustard Seed’s Daddy Diaper Bag, The Voyager found here.  (You may remember my post on the amazing Heartbreaker bag also by Twisted Mustard Seed.)  The Voyager is so functional and manly AND Twisted Mustard Seed is running a 30% off Father’s Day Special with code “Daddyday”!

My husband is just so excited not to have to haul around one of my super feminine bags when he takes the kids out. Here is what my hubby loves most about his Voyager Bag:

  • Masculine – The modern Hunter’s Green design is masculine and timeless.
  • Backpack – Having a hands-free bag is perfect for a dad who is chasing around and playing with the littles.
  • Durable – This bag is extremely durable which makes it perfect for any outing. My husband takes it everywhere with the kiddos and he was really glad to have it camping last weekend!
  • Large – This bag is extremely roomy! It has room for extra outfits, diapers, toys, personal items and even more.
  • Tablet/Laptop Pouch – My husband loves bringing our tablet along when we go on long drives or outings in case the kids get cranky.
  • Gun Metal – The masculinity just keeps coming with the gun metal details.
  • Wet/Dry Pouch – There is a magnetic snap in wet/dry pouch that makes packing a lunch, cleaning up a mess, or changing a dirty diaper much easier!
  • LED Waterproof Flashlight – A little LED flashlight is hooked onto a loop on the upper inside of the bag. Makes finding something at the bottom of the bag so much easier.
  • Leather Details – All the genuine leather details add to the look and quality of The Voyager Bag.
  • Wipe Clean Interior – And of course, one of my husband’s (and my) favorite features of this bag is the wipe clean interior. Spills are bound to happen and this makes cleaning a breeze.

It’s so nice that my husband can have his own bag packed and ready to go without having to re-pack my girlie bag. The man in your life will LOVE The Voyager Daddy Diaper Bag!  And this extremely high-quality bag is 30% off for Father’s Day with code “Daddyday”.  Wishing all those daddies out there a very Happy Father’s Day!

Twisted Mustard Seed Voyager Bag

The Voyager Bag

The Voyager Bag Leather Details


The Voyager Bag Feet Detail

Twisted Mustard Seed Detail


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