She’s here!  Tuesday, January 19th I was just four days from my due date when my water broke.  It was a bit of a surprise to me because with my other two children I was induced.  After calling my husband a million times in a row without an answer, my mom called to check in on me (mother’s intuition) and when I told her my water broke she offered to take me to the hospital.  It turns out that my hubby’s cell phone had randomly turned off and he panicked when he finally saw a bunch of missed calls and a message that I was on my way to the hospital.  We met at the hospital and just a few hours and an epidural later baby Scarlett came into the world with one swift push.  The nurse was a little worried at first because she couldn’t get Scarlett to cry.  Eventually baby just started breathing and she didn’t cry until her first bath.  She is such a content newborn.  The experience was quick and special and miraculous and just perfect.

Recovery and life with three kids is going better than I could have hoped!  Scarlett is a sweet baby who loves to just observe the world and I still rarely hear her cry.  So without further ado…

Baby Scarlett ~ 7lbs 4oz ~ 20 inches

myStoryisArt, newborn, baby, child, family photographer in Utah County.

myStoryisArt, newborn, baby, child, family photographer in Utah County.

Photography by: My Story is Art


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