The world of nursing was one that I was definitely NOT prepared for in so many ways! Breastfeeding was a major struggle for me in the beginning, but things got SO much better as time went on and now I am actually obsessed with it. The act of nursing is a whole topic in itself (see Melissa’s breastfeeding Chronicles HERE, HERE & HERE), but today I’m talking about how the heck you are supposed to dress when you are required to pull your boobs out every few hours, or in my case, EVERY HOUR! This post is all about what to wear while nursing/breastfeeding.

cover me ponchos nursing cover

Here’s my list of what to wear while nursing/breastfeeding that will make your life easier as a new mom!

1. Nursing Bra & Tank

The first item you need as a nursing mom is a great nursing bra. This one is kind of obvious, but it really is the most important, so make sure you have at least one of these before you go into labor. My favorite nursing bra is THIS ONE and you can read all about why I love it HERE. I also recommend getting nursing tank top, especially if you are nursing during those hot summer months. My favorite nursing tank is THIS ONE.

nursing tank top
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2. Wrap Dress

I have always been a dress-wearer, but even more so postpartum. Dresses can be a great way to hide a little of your postpartum body that you may still be trying to get back to normal, and they are SO much comfier than jeans. The “easy access” aspect of the wrap dress makes nursing so convenient– no snaps or buttons! I’ve found a few wrap dresses that I love, but my favorite are the ones from Pink Blush & Pink Blush Maternity because the material is so soft and comfy. See our post featuring their wrap dresses HERE.

wrap dress for nursing
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3. Shirt Dress

Again, dresses were a lifesaver for me postpartum! While a wrap dress is a little more convenient to nurse in, sometimes you just need to mix it up a little! Shirt dresses are perfect because you will just need to unbutton the top button or two, and you are ready to nurse!

shirtdress for nursing
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4. Button/Zipper/Flannel Top

When you decide you are ready to put on jeans or pants again, the easiest thing to wear on top is a button up or flannel shirt. I had one flannel shirt that I think I wore 5/7 days for the first few weeks postpartum. It was super soft, not too tight, and just my go to item (below left picture). I’m pretty sure my husband got waaaay sick of seeing me wear it nearly every day, but I was too busy recovering from childbirth to care. A top with a zipper is a nice alternative when get sick of wearing button ups. The zipper allows easy access to the food source, and also adds a cute and unique detail.

nursing tops
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5. Jumpsuit/Romper

I looooove jumpsuits right now! Although not all of them are nursing friendly, most I’ve found have buttons or a wrap top which makes them a perfect nursing item. Most are made out of comfy material, which is an added bonus. See my favorite jumpsuit worn HERE.

romper jumpsuit for nursing
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6. Robe

For those days that you just don’t quite make it out of the house (which happens to me a little more frequently than I’d like to admit), there is nothing comfier and easier to nurse in than a robe. In my early nursing days, I spent countless hours wearing my robe, cuddled up with my babe, and both of us figuring this nursing thing out. Also, you can find really cute sets like THIS that come with a robe and a clip down nursing nightgown!

nursing robe
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7. Nursing Cover

The longer I nurse and the comfortable I get with it the more I wish that breastfeeding in public wasn’t such a controversy. Although technically it is legal to breastfeed without a cover on (in almost every state), it’s still not socially acceptable, which is why having a cover makes me feel more comfortable. There are tons of amazing nursing covers out there, but my favorite is from Cover Me Ponchos. These cover you all the way around so you don’t have to worry about your baby kicking your cover off or the wind blowing anything up.

cover me ponchos nursing cover
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I hope this list helps some of you out who struggled dressing postpartum like I did. Of course, there are also a few companies out there that specifically design tops and dresses for nursing, but I have not found any that I like so far. I’ve found a lot of the nursing tops and dresses to be unflattering and some of them can actually be more difficult than simply unbuttoning a few buttons. Plus, it’s nice to invest in pieces that you can wear when you are done nursing as well.

Good luck!


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