Before we had children we saw those beautiful Instagram accounts of families with young children traveling the world together.  My husband and I thought that was a lovely idea and hoped to culture our children in the same way.  Fast forward 6 years and 3 kids later and we have thrown that idea completely out the window!  Taking 3 children on an airplane across the world for new experiences sounds more like torture than a lovely, educational experience.  So instead we are saving our money for when our family is older and can truly enjoy the cultural experience of worldwide travel.  And for now, DISNEYLAND!!!  I have always loved Disneyland.  Now my children love Disneyland.  It’s a win-win for us.  I figure while the kids are young we will take them somewhere meant for a child’s love and imagination.

This year, we are trying to minimalize as we prepare for a move.  For Christmas we will be giving our kids a trip to Disneyland instead of toys.  And for the trip we have found the most comfortable and adorable Disney-inspired tees by Wild Toad Apparel!  They have 2 fun designs with more on the way.  Here is what I love most about these shirts:

  1. Ultra soft – In fact I am wearing mine right now and the material is amazing.
  2. Sizes for the whole family – My family of 5 all have one and we all love them.  It will come in handy at Disneyland when we are looking for each other through the crowds.
  3. Unique designs – I love “Disney-inspired” items because they give you that Disney feel without being cheesy.  That way it is acceptable for the entire family to wear even when not in Disneyland.
  4. High Quality – Unlike some Disney and Disney-Inspired things, Wild Toad Apparel has made high-quality items at a great price-point so they are affordable for all.

Because the shirts are all uni-sex, I rolled the sleeves and tied the bottom of mine and the girls shirts to make them a little more feminine.

Wild Toad Apparel has offered to give my readers 10% off with code “mommystatus”!!!  Leave a comment with which Wild Toad tee design is your favorite.  Also, check out their Labor Day weekend sale going now through Monday!

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